It's time to the Tinker's Tales!

OMG I have to know/listen the work of five musical greatnesses: Cream, Ginger Baker, Jeff Buckley, Traffic and Rory Gallagher. This excites me a lot! *__*

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Netherlands, 1964

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we’re gonna be old someday and it’s gonna suck/rock

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"Jimmy Page ‘n Groupies," Phonograph Record Magazine, February, 1971.

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canada looks really broken


u ok canada

We are slowly trying to distance ourselves from the US…piece by piece.

be free


Canada: “sorry eh” 

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Bob Esponja (tiinkers-tales): “¿Qué haces normalmente cuando yo no estoy?”.

Patricio (craz-insanity): “Esperar hasta que vuelvas”.

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Geddy Lee taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Georgie Boy!

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